• Faaast peer to peer heeelp

    Get a cheap and quick fix for any sh*t moment in your life

  • How it works ?

    It's just so easy to ends a sh*ty situation in a minute...


    A sh*t happens

    - Flat tire

    - No laptop charger

    - Need a printer

    - Car battery's dead

    - Assistance to pickup something somewhere

    - Ingredient missing for my receipe

    - My bike has been stollen

    - Your computer/smartphone do not obey anymore

    - Big issue when traveling

    - Need help to understand a math exercise


    Ask for help to...

    - Friends,

    - Any people nearby,

    - Geeks,

    - Car or bicycle specialist,

    - Master chef


    Decide the rewards

    - Eternal recognition

    - A drink

    - A smile

    - An apple pie

    - Few coins/bank notes


    Be saved

    Get the help you need right after you ask for it.
    Then enjoy an happy day !